Just one of those things that is out of our control. the server did go down and I was on it like a drum wrap to a fresh shell!

But, I could not do a remote re-boot and had to rely on our server company to do it.

The explanation:

[FONT=arial, sans serif][SIZE=2][COLOR=#434068]Your server was halted at a black screen, either on standby or sleep, or it may have been frozen. We hard rebooted your server and verified it successfully came up. We are now able to SSH to your server.

[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]This is the first time this has happened like this. As you might not know I need to keep a regular server check on my to-do list since it is a dedicated server.

I will be performing a complete and full database and forum file back-up today. Little things like above are hints!

I do have back-ups and the server is set to perform them regularly.

I will be putting a full back up on disk or a remote machine not on this server.