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Looking for chubby washers repro’s will work, Last viewed: 9 minutes ago


1) I need 2 in brass or art gold for a Leedy snare.

2) looking for 8 for camco snare.

They can be reproductions. Just need to be as thick as the originals.

I now have an instagram page. I try to post 1 drums per week. See:
Posted on 1 year ago
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I got my repro Camco "chubby" washers from Mario.


You may have to buy a minimum amount, I don't think he sells by the piece.

1974-75 Rogers Starlighter IV New England White 13/16/22 (w/Dyna)
1964-67 Rogers Blue Glass Glitter 12/14/16/20
early Oaklawn Camco Blue Moire 12/14/20
1926 Super Ludwig 5x14
1960-ish Ludwig COB 5x14 Super Sensitive
1960-ish Ludwig COB 6.5x14 Super Sensitive
1970 Ludwig COB Cut-Badge 5x14 Supra Phonic

Looking for a Camco Aristocrat SD in Blue Moire!!
Posted on 1 year ago

I'd suggest to look at McMaster-Carr to see if they carry what you need:

Posted on 1 year ago
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