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Later Vintage Slingerland WMP Snare Drum Last viewed: 18 minutes ago

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I'm looking for a mint late '70's, early '80's 10 Lug Black/Silver Badge Snare in WMP.

Wish it to preferably be either an Artist, or Buddy Rich TDR Snare. (Or? I understand that there were Spitfires in wood shell?)

I'll possibly consider other drums such as a Concert, etc, and prefer sizes in either 5"x14", or 6-1/2"x14"

May also consider other Slingerland Oddities, such as a 2+1 (or 2 in 1, whatever they were called?)

I'm hoping to perhaps work a trade, as I have a mint NOS mid-late 70's 6-1/2"x14" B/O Badge LM-402 Supraphonic, as this drum stands out in my all all Slingerland collection like a sore thumb (Great sounding Snare though)

I'm ultimately wishing to find a mint matching WMP Snare for my mint Barrett Deems Kit. Thanks for looking, Mark D'Ambrosio

Posted on 18 years ago

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Posted on 18 years ago
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