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June 18, 2008 - Painting Shell Interiors Last viewed: 1 hour ago


I have seen many posts about shells and interiors...

So I was thinking of a new article that would help people doing restoration on the interior of drum shells and also what finishes were used during what time periods.

It will expand into the ply's stamps and other useful information that all of you have helped contribute to this forum.

So if anyone wants to step up and give me some insight please do and the credit will be given..

If I take information from the forum I will also give the credit. I might take bits and pieces and hope everyone undertands that this is all of our work and what makes this the best and most knowledgable vintage drum forum on the Internet!

Enough of the back slapping, here is the link..


Posted on 16 years ago

A little funny non drum related story about the fence paint....

When I moved my business over a year ago, I also had to move my 12 x 12 walk in freezer. It needed to be repainted, so I used that paint since the original cooler was aluminum finished..

My employee at the time was painting the door and I was on another side of the unit. I heard a plop and an oh no!!!....

Well, his cell phone landed directly in the gallon of paint! This is oil based paint. Instinctively he just reached in to get the phone.

That was not the worst of it, the unit had no hot water or heat, so when he ran to the sink and tried washing his hand, the cold water made it stick like glue...

So, be careful with that oil based paint!


Posted on 16 years ago
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lol! "Can you hear me now?"

I have Ludwig drums ranging from 1941 to 1976. Here's what I can tell you:

1941 Ludwig Junior (kit) is single-ply maple; date stamped in black on unfinished interiors (not varnished)

1953 Sherwood (made by Conn at the Leedy/Ludwig factory); Ludwig 3-ply mah/pop/mah shell; date stamped in black; white painted interior; not drilled for any muffler

1964 Ludwig Pioneer gold sparkle snare - date stamped in RED ink on white painted mah/pop/mah shell; baseball bat muffler

1967 Ludwig Downbeat/Jazzette (kits) red sparkle drums are all mah/pop/map painted white and dates stamped in black; baseball bat mufflers

1969 Ludwig Jazzette (kit) red sparkle drums - interiors date stamped black; mah/pop/map; clear varnish interiors; large rotary mufflers

1970(s) Super Classic (kit) B/O blue sparkle map/pop/map clear varnish interiors; no date stamps; large rotary mufflers

"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
Posted on 16 years ago

Hello everyone...

Thanks to TommyP this article is now complete (besides the shell types and wood ply's) and we have the Slingerland Tan Interior formulation.

So, I will be incorporating it to the web site and in the links above and the restoration section at some point.


Posted on 16 years ago

An interest note you should add to the Ludwig interior section, is the paint you chose for repainting, will cause any date stamps that you paint over, to bleed right through and still be visable.

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Posted on 16 years ago
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