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July 29, 2011 - Ludwig Race Car


Hey folks. I'm still here! Working on "Drumming" up some business and keeping afloat!

Here is a photo that you might like if you are into cars and Ludwig Drums.



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Posted on 12 years ago

Hi David,

I don't have a Paypal account. How do I make a donation to the web fund other than Paypal?

I'm enjoying the site very much and I just want to pay my 'dues'... :D


Too many great drums to list here!
Posted on 12 years ago

Sorry for not getting back to this. There are ways to help.

VSD is also part of TDE which has an eBay store. A few people have purchased items from us. Here is our eBay store for drum products.

There is also the VDS which is a store that has most of what we have on eBay if you do not like buying on eBay. VDS Store

If none of that appeals to you then just visit our network of TDE sites and look for different items there that go to ebay, buy whatever you want on eBay and it supports the sites. Example page



Posted on 12 years ago
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