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Jan 8, 2014 - Server Move


The forum will be moving to a new server today 1/8/2014. It is part of an upgrade by the server company to a new server.

There might be some issues switching to this new server, which they will address as they find them.

All data and resources have been backed up.


Posted on 10 years ago

Big job! Do you have to go in and reset a bunch of stuff after they do the transfer? If so, I don't envy you the job!

Thanks for all you do, Dave.


Too many great drums to list here!
Posted on 10 years ago

I'm hoping it is pretty smooth. This is something they have to do, so it was not initiated by me.

They are trying one method first and if that fails, then the rest falls on my lap to upgrade the forum software. Since I have left it alone for years, that is my responsibility. There are lots of horror stories out there when you upgrade to the "newest" version. That usually means all new bugs and problems. If the forum was current the move would be even simpler.

Upgrading can really bring things to a halt and also create some big headaches for everyone.


Posted on 10 years ago
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Well, let`s hope the first method works!! You have our support either way, David...I would imagine upgrading the Forum software is not only time consuming, but, expensive too...


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Posted on 10 years ago
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