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Jan 31, 2011 - Stable of Stars Ad Last viewed: 1 hour ago


I mentioned awhile ago that BIII had more photos from the photo shoot of Stable of Stars.

Stable of Stars Photos

The WTTB t.v. show interview with BIII and some history about the photo shoot.

William F Ludwig III Interview in the 70's Drum Show


Posted on 13 years ago

VERY cool David....thanks

Lots of facial hair back in the day.....!LOL

"Always make sure your front bottom BD lugs clear the ground!"
Posted on 13 years ago

pretty cool to have those and post. i never had (or really seen) that ad,but i totally forgot sandy west played ludwig.

she lived around the corner from a studio i used to rehearse at here in so cal.we heard about her passing almost instantly cause we were so close. for drum parts, drum promos , swag, promo media and more for sale
Posted on 13 years ago

You guys remember the truck ad that Ludwig did in the 80's? I don't remember this one. Too bad Bonzo isn't on it and neither is Ian Paice. Bill Ward isn't on it either. Did Buddy Rich play Ludwigs during this time period or was he playing Rogers or Slingerland then?

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Posted on 13 years ago

Yes - awesome. I always wanted to confirm that Bonzo was not there, I've seen his name associated with this photo for some reason. I think the only photo I had of this was a tiny low-quality scan so this is really great. Very cool and mustaches galore. Thanks David! Anyone know what year this is? Buddy was probably playing Slingerland (but almost done with them), I'm guessing this is mid 70's? '75?

Posted on 13 years ago
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