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Jan 29, 2008 - forum problem Last viewed: 18 minutes ago


I think we have grown out of our current set of pants....

The buldge has taken over and we need to make some decisions. I say "we" because you are all part of the forum and I can not do it alone.

More after a little research


Posted on 16 years ago

Working on fixing the attachment problem....

You can load them, but not view them at the moment...

I have to break to do other things and will get back at this in a few hours. I also have an email out to my tech guy that handles all of my database stuff and see if and when he responds.

The problem is isolated (for the moment) and fixable....


Posted on 16 years ago

Any reports of problems? Besides being slow, that is just a fact of life on a shared server...

It looks like all of the attachements are loading fine now.

I have done complete back ups twice now to make sure your data is saved. Nothing worse then losing all of the information we have all gathered.

I have to do that at least once every two weeks, it is well over 100MB and really slows everything down.

In regards to the database tables, they are now repaired thanks to my computer guru and non drummer Chris.

He thinks that I should run the database tool more frequently to avoid those problems again.

It is a fact of life with forums... I can only imagine the forums with 100,000 members are going through and we have 3,000..


More later, after I go and do a software update to bring us up to the most recent version. My montra is "Back up", 'Back Up" prior to any upgrade...


Posted on 16 years ago
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