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Jan 21, 2010 - Chicago Drum Show


Hey Drum Heads!

This is an FYI! Your forum host/webmaster will be coming out of the vintage drum closet this year! So I want to start promoting the show early.

Thanks to Rob Cook and him being a great guy, not to mention I pitched him immediately after last years show...... has opened three tables of space 30' for me!

This is going to be BIG! Special guests from this forum! No name dropping yet!

The booth is a "Slingerland Exhibition" of rare photography, drums and history.

I will be taking out my Slingerland photo collection. For those members that have not heard the story, you can read it here.

Here is a small sample of some of the photos Click Here How about the many letters in this collection Click Here

Not to mention, the Slingerland catalogs, memorabilia, and drums from my collection and other collections.

These of course has never been seen by the public and this will be its only live showing!


Posted on 14 years ago
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I've never been to one of these....

Are all the juicy items still on display on Saturday, or do lots of them get gobbled up on Friday when just the exhibitors are there?

Posted on 14 years ago

Kev, there is enough stuff to last thru the weekend.

David, very cool. I'll drop by to introduce myself and you can poke fun at me.

I have only missed a few in what will be 20 years now....:rolleyes: Eye Ball


MY Dirty Little Collection
Posted on 14 years ago
Posts: 6287 Threads: 375

Hatching a plan.....

Posted on 14 years ago

Hey all! I wrote an article (pat on the back) for NSMD about the Chicago Show. You have to think of the show on multiple levels and then you will have a blast.

Don't just go expecting to find great deals on rare high end stuff, although there are some, or to expect the missing link to a set or restoration project.

Then you will be dis-appointed.

You go to talk to drummers/collectors/dealers. find out who they are and what they have at home! You have to ask and get the word out. Take business cards. Get email addresses. Make connections.

Many deals happen weeks after a show and if you let a dealer know what you want, they might find it just to make the sale later.

Keep your options open and have a good time. Watch the clinics!

Hang out at the booths, listen to conversations, eat a hot dog and just enjoy the atmosphere of the event.

Many people walk in for that one item, don't see it and leave.

When low and behold a dealer has it at home!


Posted on 14 years ago
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