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Jan 21, 2009 - New Web Site Project


Hello everyone...

I have some cool articles on the way, almost completed. One is a story about a gentleman that worked at Slingerland and he has the actual drum set that Buddy used in the catalogs and also played on at the Osborne home.

Great 10 page story....

There is also another big project I have been working on for years on and off and hope that it will get done this year as well. More on that later

The economy has hit hard so I have been discussing a project with a local friend (He will be out of a job soon) about starting a side Ebay business.

I'm really close to having everything in place and even with the economy the way it is, this is the time to prepare for the bright future ahead!

So, the web site is

[SIZE=2](Yes, putting this link here will help in the search engines)[/SIZE]

Yes, I use the word "Experts" because I backup the store with this great forum of experts and my collection of web sites.

As you all know the web sites including this forum are all out of pocket expense except the donations so far (Thank you to those people)

There is still a huge financial gap in my hobby!

The store will be unique and part of a larger network of products which I have and will secure in the months to come.

I'm not going after you guys as customers, but the younger drummers/percussionists that are in need of items for band and other school projects. Also drum circles and items that drummers need regularly.

I'm still deciding actually, but I will inventory some of it and some of it will be drop shipped..

I will also sell vintage items from my collection, so you guys might be interested in that and hopefully you will find me in Ebay searches.

Some exciting days ahead!

More later..


Posted on 15 years ago

I think you meant !

Posted on 15 years ago

Fixed, thanks, then again there are plenty of drummer jokes that would have worked with that domain!


Posted on 15 years ago
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