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Jan 14, 2006 - Holy Hits Bat Man! Last viewed: 31 minutes ago


Yep, I just checked the site hits and in Dec we were at 1,628,657 hits!

That is on 43,000 visitors!

What does that translate to... Absolutely nothing...

Well, there are a lot of commercial sites that would like that type of traffic.

I do think a new server is going to have to happen soon..


Posted on 16 years ago


WHO'S Holly?... and why did she hit Bat Man? Don't you mean Holy?! :-) Regardless,

That IS an amazing statistic!


Posted on 16 years ago

I guess I can go edit that, but rather funny in a ubiquitous sort of way...

Then again I do feel like a "Dillweed" now...


Posted on 16 years ago
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