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Jan 11, 2009 - Hollywood Drums Catalogs Last viewed: 45 minutes ago


These were sent to me by a visitor from Italy.

4 Nice flyers from Hollywood Meazzi Drums.

Hollywood Meazzi Catalog - Flyers



Posted on 15 years ago


Any idea as to what year these are from? I would imagine 60's... and if so, man were they ahead of their time!! There is something tremendously appealing about the Meazzi line of drums. Even the hardware blows me away. I can't say that I wouldn't want to own a Meazzi Hollywood set complete with hardware. I get the feeling that Meazzi was just as progressive as Rogers was... hmmm... that MUST be the appeal for me!! :-)


Posted on 15 years ago

He was not very clear, but it looks like they span a few years in quality and style of advertising...

I wonder if Yamaha used that for their timp floor tom?


Posted on 15 years ago
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