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I've Never Seen Black Panther Wrap on an MIJ Until Now


Found this on Reverb. Not a bad price, but they are in Canada. Do you think there is an MIJ Version of Mod Orange underneath? LOL flowers2

Kind of a mashup of parts, but all original, according to the seller. Rectangular Pearl Style Lugs. Swivo-Matic Copy tom mount and check out the vertical adjustment on the cymbal arm! I've never seen a vertical adjustment on a straight arm like that. I've never seen or know of the "Baxter" Badge/branding of an MIJ. You learn something new every day!

Kind of a cool kit.



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Posted on 9 months ago
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Any mij drum with that wrap is rare. I have never seen a complete set. I only seen a CB700 14x20 that I got some 20 years ago. At a antique shop in my hometown paid 17.99+ tax it was in red not black.


Posted on 8 months ago

I had a "White Panther" MIT set similar to that but no name 12/13/16/22. Sold it to a student.

Posted on 7 months ago
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