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Identifying “Sarantas” drum kit .. no info online ..


Hey all - I'm hoping someone can shed some light on a mysterious "Sarantas" drum set I've been playing since I was a kid.

Photo album here

My parents bought it for me used about 25 years ago, and a few years back I got curious about when and where this thing came from. I can't find any record of Sarantas on the internet - no ads in old newspaper scans, no forum posts, no old gear sold on Reverb or eBay.

The only clue I have is "TAIWAN" engraved in the hardware on the tom.

Has anyone here ever come across one before? At the very least does anyone have a guess at the decade it comes from? I know nothing about drums and this is the only kit i've ever owned - would a random taiwanese manufacturer have gone through the trouble of designing a logo and making custom badges and drum heads for a single kit?!

Posted on 1 year ago

Welcome. Those would be referred to as a "stencil" kit made by one of the Japanese drum manufacturers. Probably made by Pearl with some parts sourced from Taiwan. Looks to be late 70s or maybe early 80s. These companies would make drums with any name a retailer wanted so this is not uncommon, and not uncommon to find a set with branding that nobody has heard of either. Pearl and Star, who became Tama were the biggest but there were other companies as well. Especially as Pearl and Tama became major players with very high quality drums.

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Posted on 1 year ago