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Help in Identifying Premier Drum Model and Date


Hey guys! So I've recently acquired this beautiful 5 piece premier kit and so far I love it! However I'd like to ask if anyone could help me identify the model or the approximate date as there are no badges or pretty much anything to help me identify it. According to the seller, it's one of premier's top of the line kits and all hardware is stock (including the drum throne). I'm not familiar with premier drums at all so any help is appreciated.

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Posted on 7 years ago

My guess is that it is a late 80's to early 90's XPK kit. The APK series were wrapped, while the XPK series were stains. If the interiors are painted black, I believe they are birch/meranti ply shells...if the interiors are clear, I believe they used birch/eucalyptus/birch plies. I have had 2 premier kits, and my first was an XPK that had the exact same lugs and tom mount as yours. Great sounding drums for something that was meant to be an "intermediate" level kit. Mine were 1992 and had "Premier MADE IN England" on the badge as opposed to just "Premier England", so yours may be earlier or later than mine were. Premier badges and serial number logic is hard to nail down sometimes. I later sold them and got my Premier Artist Birch set, which I love dearly, but whom I have cheated on lately with my Ludwig orphan drum collection! :p

EDIT: Also noticed you have an 8 lug bass instead of a 10 lug, so I *think* that rules out it being part of the Resonator line...

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Posted on 7 years ago