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Gretsch Round Badge 20,12,14 Progressive Tangerine Sparkle


SOLD 5/11/15

Players kit, hard to find combo of color and sizes

Tight fit for Rack tom and Bass heads.

Some wrap removed from edges of those 2 drums only on the bottom of the bass side and back side of the tom.

Seams re-glued with clear epoxy it looks like.

The 14x14 is fine.

-Sparkle is vibrant and these shine in the light and sound great.

-Good chrome,

-Tone controls,

-Pratt muffler

-Die cast rims

-L arm cymbal holder

-badges are included

PM for details. Asking $1900 plus shipping cost.

Posted on 9 years ago

PM sent let me know.


Sonor SQ2 10 14 18 American Walnut
L.A. Camco 12 14 18 Moss Green
Gretsch Round Badge 12 14 18 w/snare Champagne
Gretsch Round Badge 12 14 20 w/snare Burgundy

82nd ABN DIV OEF OIF Combat Infantry Veteran
Posted on 9 years ago

Price drop $1900 plus shipping

Posted on 9 years ago