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Gretsch Kit Walnut Finish Stop Sign HELP!!!!

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From robbiemurray

Worst of all were 'Krut' (Turk spelled backwards), also made by Premier, which were about the worst cymbals ever manufactured! Absolutely dreadful. I know - I had one .....

That is so wrong. And so funny.

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Posted on 9 years ago

Congrats on getting a kit for free. Wow! You better be doing some serious summer yard work for this very generous lady. Depending on the overall condition. You probably have at least $800-$1000 in gear. The tom tom mount system looks like it was replaced, so that detracts for the collectible value. Regardless, they are still great drums.

Not sure what you are using to clean them up, but there are specific threads on the forum that explain what to do and what not to do. Just do a search. I can tell you one thing, NO steel wool! CryBaby Some people say they use the softest grade, but there are so many alternatives available. I use a product called Flitz. Works great and is eco-safe. Soaking all the hardware in a Dawn bath (warm water and a lot of Dawn) for 24 hours will get things started before polishing. I have 20 bass drum T-rods and claws taking a bath right now.

Your kit reminds me of my kit. Based on the tags, it looks like this is from around the mid to late 1970's. If you don't mind posting all of the tags, there is a member collecting serial numbers for research related to dating.

I would love to see some pictures of your Premier snare. 10 lugs more than likely points to the Hi-fi model.


Posted on 9 years ago
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From DownTownFarmer

I thought Gretsch had mostly 8-lug 22" bass drums? Lug-counting is how I try to determine shell size from pics and I kept getting fooled by them Gretsches...I thought.Mitch

Some Gretsch 22"s do have 8 lugs but at some point (not sure when...might have been mid to late 70's but maybe earlier) they switched to 10 lugs. Since 20" basses also have 8 lugs I'm not sure if counting the lugs is much help on Gretsch sets like it is on Ludwig sets.

Posted on 9 years ago

From K.O.

Since 20" basses also have 8 lugs I'm not sure if counting the lugs is much help on Gretsch sets like it is on Ludwig sets.

That's how them Gretsches fooled me lol. I appreciate you clearing that up.

Looking forward to seeing these ones cleaned up...


Posted on 9 years ago
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Nice kit with an even better price Cool1

The tom mount is a late 70's Tama.


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Posted on 9 years ago
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