I found contact info for Gretsch and I'm going to contact them but I'm wondering if anyone knows who (else) I should contact about replacing the fishtail on a Gretsch 4165 snare drum. (The butt side of the strainer.)

None of the pictures on the Gretsch website show the fishtail entirely (or the throwoff), but from what I can tell they look the same as my old one (except for possibly a black washer). Does anyone know if the new fishtail is the same these days, or different, or if it will fit an old 4165?

Some nice pics of a 4165 here: https://reverb.com/item/6105431-gretsch-1970s-model-4165-vintage-snare-drum-chrome-over-brass-5x14. Scroll down a bit for the actual listing (which is now sold).

2022-08-06 Update: No word from Gretsch. If anyone knows whether new parts fit a 4165, let me know.