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So while surfing eBay, I ran across this....

I mean “Really?” I told the seller I could put one of these together at Ace Hardware for less than $5. Their reply: Go for it then.

Posted on 3 years ago
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Someone will think that is just fine. No imagination, but works for them.

Posted on 3 years ago

Watch to see if it sells at that price. If so, head to Ace and make up several and put them on the Bay to see how you do. Could be an employment opportunity. Excited

Posted on 3 years ago
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I've been watching a Camco wing screw for several months being offered by this seller. But at $39.95, I'm now just morbidly curious when or if it will sell.

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Posted on 3 years ago

I've purchased from this seller many years ago when he offered fair prices. This is the same seller I mentioned a few weeks ago, when he was parting out a perfectly nice COB Dynasonic. The price for all the parts? $1440!! I watched all those parts and not a single one sold. The seller has gotten to the point of pure greed. Now, there are those of you that will say he can ask whatever he wants. That's true! However, it gets to the point where those high priced items just don't sell and the vast majority of buyers, myself included, will pass on them...even if it's the one part we need to complete a drum!

Just my :2Cents:


Posted on 3 years ago
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Seller is a well know drum stripper.

Posted on 3 years ago
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And $5.79 to ship too? A joke.

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Posted on 3 years ago

Given that these items never sell, do you suppose they are doing it to see if we react here and then have a big laugh. It's like the $14,000 OBP 14x14 in the other post. Totally absurd.

Posted on 3 years ago
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Well, you guys should consider that there are people in other parts of the world, who think these prices would be just fine. Some people spill money in excess of that. Japan, United Arab Emirates, problem. But I don't think any forum members will ever pay prices like that....(maybe Mike Curotto! ;) heh heh) Yeah, it's likely these drums won't sell to any of us...but whenever I go fishing, I'm always hoping to catch the big one, but also completely aware that I might come home empty handed.

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"Nietzsche is dead." -God
Posted on 3 years ago
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Some sellers are delusional with their prices!!


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Posted on 3 years ago