The new site is set up and in place. You will see it is just for video and any funny drumming stuff.

If you feel the need to post funny video, video of yourself playing, viral YouTube video, comics, jokes or anything that you consider funny and drum related please do so on that site.

You can still post video on VDF and discuss drums in a video or cymbals in a video, just put the post in the forum section it would normally go in. I'm guessing the waters will be tested here, so if your in a Ball Busting mood bring it over to DrumG, the monkey will decide over there.

If the DrumG site picks up and we make it a fun place then the Drum "G" award will be a lot of fun.

Consider the changes around here just a way to build a larger community and family of drummers. Many drummers may never consider posting here, but will on DrumG because they like the fun part of it.

Here is the link to the site