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Can someone tell me more about these vintage Swing/Swiny drums?


Hi all,

I recently picked up these vintage snare (14x6.5) and bass drum (27"), among with some other vintage belgium drums from Sonorus, Rex and Marius Renatus.

I've been looking for some back ground info on the Swing of Swiny Trade Mark drums, but couldn't find a thing about them. Anyone who can help me out with some info, age and background on these drums, and perhaps even make an estimation of value?


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Posted on 4 years ago
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No idea but those are some sweet old tubs.

Keep fixing them up...
Posted on 4 years ago
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing that really cool drum set! I have never seen one like it.

"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
Posted on 4 years ago
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Very cool drums!! Hopefully, our European members will chime in with more info...

Welcome to the VDF!!


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Posted on 4 years ago
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A & F? Kidding..

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Posted on 4 years ago

Could it my any chance be related to early Premier drums? This stamp is on the bass head, but not very clear to read... I also added a picture of the parallel snare mechanism, tension rod heads en clips.

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Posted on 4 years ago

Very cool looking drums.

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Posted on 4 years ago
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