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Camco Project Last viewed: 31 minutes ago


I just bought a set of Oaklawn Camco drums in Moss Green. The drums are in great shape and almost completely original! The one exception is the snare. It looks like a wrapped drum that was stripped and sanded for an attempt to match it to the rest of the kit. It didn't end up matching. I'd like to finish the job right but am not sure what kind of stain to use. Anyone have experience that can shed some light? The drum is prepped already and just needs stain/clear coat.

Also, if anyone knows where to find a set of legs and brackets or 13"/16" rolled hoops, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks!


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Posted on 9 years ago
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How exciting. And no painted black interiors! Just curious of what you paid though I understand if you don't want to divulge. Congrats! Welcome to the club. I thought I'd never say that either but I got lucky a few months ago .. :)

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Posted on 9 years ago

Gosh those are beautiful shells. Inside and out.


Posted on 9 years ago

Oaklawn Camco's are the best! Welcome to the club. A -very worthy- project kit. Do whatever you have to to put them right again. Can't wait to see that kit put back together. It has a finish you don't get to see very often.


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Posted on 9 years ago

Beautiful set. Enjoy those wonderful instruments.


Posted on 9 years ago

Here's 5 pictures of a Camco kit that sold on eBay way back in March of 2003. Sure looks much greener than Moss Green! Anyway, this should help whet your appetite to restore your Camco kit!


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Posted on 9 years ago

I remember seeing that set! I wonder if that is the original shade of green or if they were refinished. It definitely looks much greener than the chanute catalog finish. My bass drum actually has matching stained hoops with silver sparkle inlays.

Posted on 9 years ago

Good luck with your kit!

Thank you!
Jeff C

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Posted on 9 years ago
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If I would have to finish that snare I'd think I'D have two options. These options are based on my assymption that the Shell is already laquered.

1. Buy transparant laquer and some small bottels of higly pigmented liquid, you can buy that in paint shops, it is for precisely altering the colourless of paint. Also buy Some sheets of veneer same wood as your drum (maple). Sand the veneer. Laquer it colourless until it matches the snare in current shape. Then use the sheets to make tests with colouring clear laquer. If you are happy with a vertaling mixture Apple to the snare.

2. If outer ply of shell is think enough to allow it, sand of the current laquer until the wood is clean again. Make wet with clear water, will make fibers stand up. Sand down fibers. Repeat this couple of times. Shell is ready to be stained with water based stain. Buy some colurs of water based stain (green yellow brown for instance) and again use sheets od veneer to make tests including finishing it with clear laquer. When happy, stain. Laquer clear afterward

I think method 2 would be nicest.

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Posted on 9 years ago

Thanks Bartw. I shouldn't have to do much sanding because of how thin the finish is on the drum. It has rubbed off in many areas and there is little gloss on the shell. I was thinking water-based stain. I'm told my local hardware stores will mix a stain to match what I need.

On a separate note, the rims on the drums are interesting. They are heavy triple-flanged brass hoops with a weld spot under the chrome and the ears are curved. They are very similar to the rolled edge hoops, just a bit shorter and without the roll. Could these be original? Based on the mounting hardware and sizes of the drums, I would bet these are a very late model Oaklawn kit.

Posted on 9 years ago
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