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Aug 29, 2010 - Color change Last viewed: 28 minutes ago


nice color change!

posted Mr. Freemans red set in the gallery. Fine idea O-Lugs.

Posted on 13 years ago

I like it man!


1966 Slingerland "Modern Jazz Outfit"
1960's Zildjian Avedis Cymbals
Posted on 13 years ago
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Blue sparkle was cool,don't like red to muchLaughing HLaughing H...Just joking Red looks cool and a nice change...Maybe next time purple sparkle that would be so cool...Mikey

Posted on 13 years ago
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Makes me hungry to finish the red sparkle Slingys I've had sitt'in for a year (geez maybe more).

Not a Guru... just interested..
Posted on 13 years ago
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