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Aug 19, 2008 - Cymbal Set-Ups Last viewed: 1 hour ago


I thought that you would all enjoy this... For some reason I believe this packet had Buddy Rich, but it is missing.

Zildjian Cymbal Set-Ups of Famous Drummers (23 Drummers)


Posted on 15 years ago

This early 70s I'm assuming. Poor Gene Krupa, he looks very ill in the photo. Lukemia really took its toll on him.

The fact he was still able to swing in that condition is nothing short of amazing.

Bopworks Hickory Jazz Drumsticks
Posted on 15 years ago

Yep, I agree. I do not have a specific year, but it seams that the 70's is when Zildjian was printing the most literature.


Posted on 15 years ago
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