Thanks to Drumaholic for the date on this catalog...

Just a little perspective, I added probably 15 - 20 new items to the Zildjian literature page which probably totals 250 new images!

I still have another 20 items to add to the cymbal site!

I decided after the cymbal items are done to go over to the drummer forum site which is not very active and add all of my drummer literature and history.. Including some recordings and other rare items.

Then once that site is up to par I will go to the store and finish the re-do on that site. The Vintage Drum Store did not fair well with the move to the new server and there was a technical issue. So it got pushed to the back burner until late last week.

Once that is done then I will go back to the main web site and fill in a ton of missing catalog pages for Ludwig and other drum companies..