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Aug 14, 2008 - Zildjian History Last viewed: 12 minutes ago


Since I have been working on Zildjian cymbal literature I was beginning to wonder when they first acted as consumer based company.

They are in the earliest 1900's catalogs as Zildjian cymbals, but they were not printing catalogs directly for the consumer.

The Zildjian Cymbal Company history is well documented, but there is no literature from them as a company that I have or have seen.

So, the earliest catalogs I have are from the 60's and nothing before that time. I have never seen a catalog or flyer or printed document from them prior to that.

So if anyone has any Zildjian literature from very early, I would love to see it and document it.

Thanks and I just added this 18 pg Zildjian Cymbal Catalog. (below)



Posted on 15 years ago
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Contact member drumaholic....he doesn't post here much, but he is the world's expert on Zildjian history.....

OK, maybe not...but darn near close....

he used to post catalog clippings and archives on that.... "other" cymbal forum....[/COLOR]
Posted on 15 years ago

Yep, I have emailed him directly for some help on the cymbal web site, he is my got-to-guy for anything with cymbals.

He has recently been helping in the cymbal section of the web site, which is much appreciated.

I still have a lot of cymbal history to add to the web site and then I will move on to other projects


Posted on 15 years ago
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