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Aug 13, 2009 - Flat Jacks History


I was searching Ebay one day and came across this great 1961 Flat Jacks catalog sheet.

I have never seen one before and thought since Flat Jacks come up on the forum I would create a dedication page for the drums.

I decided to find the original patent which is also from 1961. I have not searched the forum yet for photos of the drums and more history yet. I know there is a Flat Jack experts around here some where.

I think there is a member also that knew him and has one of the proto-type kits. Maybe just a dream but a memory for sure.

So in honor of Ralph C Kester Jr.

The Flat Jacks


I'm always open for article and history, so send any Flat Jacks history for the page. I know I have a magazine ad somewhere on the main web site. I believe it was in the Downbeat magazine section.



Posted on 14 years ago

Just updating everyone that I added 4 photos and a catalog from Drumland / Flat Jacks!

Thanks to Ray for sending the items to add to the web site.


Drumland Ralph Kester Dedication Page

Posted on 14 years ago

Webmaster!.. there is a drummer playing a FLAT JACK at the end of a movie , i think it's call, ¨Elvis Presley in the wind¨ , if i translate good . Nice drums.

Posted on 14 years ago
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