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Aug 11, 2008 - War Time Drums Last viewed: 55 minutes ago


Here are two photos you will not see every day.

The first photo dated 1943.

The second photo dated 1942, but I think they are either late 1942 or early 1943 because that is when the US government started the metal restrictions for World War II. (Others can clarify the exact date if possible)

Either way the second photo of the stack of marching drums does say.

" Bettie Ludwig testing wood tension drums . The first lot of W.P.B. Drums 1942 "

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Posted on 15 years ago

Fitting in with the theme...

First "Victorious" model field drum. Us Gov Contract - 890 field drums. Inspected by boatswain's mate 1st Class - US Navy Wm. F. Ludwig Jr. Wm. F. Ludwig designer & builder 1942


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Posted on 15 years ago
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