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Here's a link to the original patent...

Note the Dynasonic Plus others also show up with this search...



'77 Slingerland 51N,Super Rock 24,18,14,13.. COW 8,10 Concert toms
'69 Slingerland Hollywood Ace
'75 Rogers Dynasonic 6.5 x 14, 10 lug COB
'77-78 Slingerland 6.5 x 14, 10 lug COB
'78-79 Slingerland 5 1/4 x14 8 lug COB
'79 Biman 5 1/4, Acrolite
'82 Slingerland 5 1/4 x 14. Festival COS
'84 Tama MasterCraft Superstar 6.5 x 14, 10 lug Rosewood
'98 Slingerland (Music YO) 6" 10 Lug Maple.. NOS
Zildjian, Sabian , UFIP & Paiste mix.
Posted on 9 years ago

Thanks guys. I will try to find an old set of plastic capped 20 strands to keep with it too for the future. I just found out today that the old man that blessed me with this awesome snare also has the original case and original cheesy stand that came with it too.Ii sure hope the case and stand are in as good of shape! If I plan to play it I would put PureSound twisted wires on it with the renaisance ambassador top with the renaisance diplo snare side.

the remo black seude should sound good on this one too. I have the black suede on a 12x7 black panther maple cherry snare that sounds pretty good. The characteristics of the acrolite sound I think would go well with either of those heads.

Posted on 8 years ago

From mlayton

I've detailed and sold a lot of those Acrolites. Occasionally i see the metal end wires on them, but not usually. Most from that era have the white plastic ends with the 2517124 patent number. Most of 12 strand. But i have seen some that are 20 strand models.Mike

I found a web site that contained Ludwig snare drum catologs from over the years and each time ludwig stated the Acrolite comes with 20 strand wires even as far back into the 1960's. All the catolog photos posted was just one page each from the respective year so I still dont know which years had the metal ends and which had the plastic ends.

Posted on 8 years ago

I did eventually find some ludwig pages that verified the Agrolite in 1980 came with 20 strand wires.

thanks guys.

Posted on 8 years ago

Just thought I'd mention I put some puresound customs on mine for a gig I had at the weekend and for me sound wise they made the drum sound just how I wanted it, great stuff.

I love the jazz era
Posted on 8 years ago

It's nice to keep with the originals though

I love the jazz era
Posted on 8 years ago
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