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70s cb700 drum shells ( wristwatch lugs)


Hello Mates,

Up for Trade/Sale is a set of CB700s from the 70s

I picked them up at a sale and started to refinish them... The wrap was half torn and missing from some of the shells when i found them.

The sizes are 13x9, 14x10 , 16x16 , and 22" bass drum.


-2 Cb700 paper badges

-31 wristwatch tom tom lug

-8 bass drum lugs

-8 t rods and claws

-one metal bass drum hoop with a yellow inlay

-8 claws and Ts.

-I may have some MIJ hoops that will fit the drums (i will have to check)

These shells are good. They have a nice tone. I have owned lots of MIJ kits and i really wish i could keep them but i figured that someone out there would like them for a project.. The stain is min-wax poly shades and there is only a couple coats of stain on them. I plugged some of the holes and filled them with wood filler.. Shells were lightly sanded prior to the staining.. Bearing edges have not been touched and they are all in decent shape. All of the drums ARE round ( I measured to make sure)

[COLOR="Black"]I will accept offers on the drums so please inbox me if you wish... I would like to trade for any Kent related stuff ( orange sparkle kents specifically ), .I am currently looking for Vintage 40s-60s Zildjian A's or old zildjian K's.. (Especially a 22 inch riveted ride or some paper thin hats)[/COLOR]

Posted on 8 years ago

Here is all of the hardware I have. Some light pitting but with a overnight soak these will clean up nice

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Posted on 8 years ago

I read on another forum thread (johnwesley) that you were going to keep these. (that was in March of 2015).

If you still need those hoops for this kit, call Anderson Trading in Anaheim, CA.

They are the cheapest way and their prod and customer service is top notch. You can look up the pricing right on their site. Grab some naked maple hoops, polyeurathane and you are good to go.

P.S. I bought a wristwatch snare last night - 10 lug, but the regular throw-off. It is Mint with original heads. I understand those earlier CBs with the wristwatch lugs are far superior to the more recent CBs with different lugs. (These drums of yours included - as you discovered by how great they sound).

I had a great day! Instead of sleeping in and wasting the day, I got up at 8 and I had all my slacking done by noon!

Posted on 8 years ago

Taking any offers for these shells or hardware. Gotta move them

Posted on 8 years ago

still have these?

Posted on 3 years ago