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60's Rogers Floor Tom s/n label - markings?



For all interested, here's a link about the factory, posted over at the "Rogers Owners Forum" many years ago. Because the hosted pictures are now fairly old, they show the "Photobucket" watermark, which makes it a pain, but you can still see the pictures and read the descriptions. I downloaded the pictures years ago, before the watermark was added! It's amazing that such a huge quantity of our beloved Rogers drums came from such a small factory! Enjoy!


Glad you liked the photos. I took those several years ago, but nothing has changed much. A look at Covington and the Rogers sites. Yes, it is amazing that so many drums came from that little building.

Posted on 3 years ago

These are fantastic! It's so cool to see where it all started! I love to picture my drums being made there so many years ago. And to reiterate what many have already said, just incredible to think of the sheer volume that came out of there - they must have been working round the clock!

Thanks Powertone making this post in the first place, and Mark for reposting here for those of us who hadn't seen it yet.

Posted on 3 years ago