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1969 Walberg & Auge "Downbeat" OBP


8x12, 15x14, 14x20, 5x14 Gretsch jasper shells with clear interior (except 12" which has silver anodized painted interior.) 5-69 RGB on toms and bass and 4-69 on snare. Gretsch lugs / hoops / bass drum mufflers, Ludwig floor toms leg brackets and W&A everything else.

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Posted on 7 years ago

Fantastic! What a rare and gorgeous drum kit!electricit

Drum Kits
1965 Ludwig Clubdate Oyster Blue
1966 Ludwig Clubdate Oyster Black
1969 Ludwig BB Blue Oyster Keystone Clubdate
1971 Ludwig BB Black Oyster
Early 60's Camco Oaklawns Champagne Sparkle
Posted on 7 years ago

Sure don't see one of those sets very often, and it is the first I recall seeing in an oyster finish. Very nice set-up.

Posted on 7 years ago

Killer drums, man! Congrats.

Posted on 7 years ago

Wow! How cool is this?!?!


Looking for:
- L.A. Camco 12" Stradivarius Tom Tom
Posted on 7 years ago
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Awesomeness. How do they sound and what is their plies? 3 or 7 or more? Maple? Thanks for sharing.

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Posted on 7 years ago

That my friend is a very beautiful drum set.

Can't say, I like the double spurs tho but overall the W&A kit is really cool looking.

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Posted on 7 years ago

The drums are 7-ply maple. The floor tom and snare sound great! The bass drum is a little thin sounding despite many different head variations. The 12" oversize shell does not accommodate heads very well. I had to break the collars on the drum heads so they would actually seat against the bearing edges! It has virtually no tuning range although it really sings when you finally get it dialed in

The double spurs are only on the tom mount side. I assume this is for stability.

Thanks for the compliments! One of my favorites!

Posted on 7 years ago

Fantastic looking kit !!

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Posted on 7 years ago
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