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1966 Rogers Hybrid Cocktail


Not an Astoria, but a fun & useful setup for small footprint space. Includes FT & SD from ‘66 Constellation, Swivo swan leg stands and 395R pedal. I rotated the pedal axis forward and reversed the strap to accomplish the under/upward pedal stroke.

Posted on 1 year ago
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Man, that's a sweet setup with some great drums.

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Posted on 1 year ago

Hey Buck!

Just a beautiful set! Rogers "Red Sparkle Pearl" is one of my favorite finishes!


Posted on 1 year ago
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Pedal is thinking outside the box. Great.

Posted on 1 year ago
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Very nice!!


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Posted on 1 year ago

Holy Mackeral what a great idea on the pedal. Gonna copy that.


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Posted on 1 year ago