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1965/66 Rogers Cozy’s Constellation


Rogers Cleveland era (1965/66) 13-16(2)-22

w/matching wood Powertone & COB Dynasonic (7 line).

Posted on 2 years ago

So nice. That is totally in the pocket for a mid-60's vintage setup.

Posted on 2 years ago

Stunning. Just beautiful. I think the the bass looks better with the shield reso head rather than the Fiberskyn, although I think Fiberskyns give a nicer, warmer tone and don't require any dampening. With the two FT's, it's really a B.R. setup, isn't it? Very nice!


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Posted on 2 years ago
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Thumbs up!!


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Posted on 2 years ago
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wow . salivating over this. Beautiful. especially when the 2nd floor tom is added. thank you for sharing this beauty

Posted on 2 years ago
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Loving this! Thanks for the eye candy.


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Posted on 2 years ago

Thank you all. I’m blushing with pride over your generous compliments!! And for Mike, a little context, first as to BR configuration. I received this rig 6 or 7 years ago with the original double collets mounted on the bass w/straight hex cymbal rods and Swivo tilters. That’s part of the Constellation ID. But, I found I was reaching too far for my ride, whether 20” or 22”. So I mounted a nobby and L-arm to remedy my discomfort. The parts fit flush with no drilling. Also, I’ve seen Cozy pics with double FT's, but positioned on L & R sides. Likewise with Papa Joe and some of the other cats of the day.

Second, my “shield” head (and unseen wood beater) were a part of my big band setup. Now I’m using the Fiberskyn w/felt beater to help me blend better with a piano trio playing Songbook standards.

As a side note, it’s only been over this past year that I’ve been able to find, afford & acquire all of the Swivo era swan leg stands and pedal hardware, plus the COB Dyna (thx Mark - you’re awesome!). Appreciate ya'll checking out my post. Stay healthy, ~Buck

Posted on 2 years ago