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1960's Camco Aristocrat Moss Green


All original down to the thick tension rod washers and hex and wrench.

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Posted on 7 years ago

Wow I'm green with envy,! Super cool !!!

Your drummers not much good is he!? What you need is someone that's as good as me. ! John Henry Bonham !!
Posted on 7 years ago
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Now that is a beauty.. Love that stain finish..

Posted on 7 years ago
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Perfect!! Great looking set!!


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Posted on 7 years ago
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Posted on 7 years ago

Simply beautiful!


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Posted on 7 years ago

Very nice! I notice Ludwig Standard floor tom leg brackets.

Posted on 7 years ago

I wondered just the other day where did that Camco kit ended up. She is beautiful!

~ A true Gretsch & Camco fanatic ~
Posted on 7 years ago
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Love the color!

Posted on 7 years ago

Stallwart, there are a couple of oddball things about this kit. The floor tom appears to be either factory drilled for the standard brackets or was not drilled for any brackets and they were installed at the time of purchase. They are the only brackets that have been on the floor tom and Camco brackets will not fit the hole spacing. I've seen other drums with original Rogers mounting hardware, but this is the first I've seen with Ludwig Standard!

It also features inlays on the bass drum hoops which are usually only seen on wrapped drums and a rail mount with "L" arm & 3/8" bracket instead of the diamond/spade mount.

All part of why I love em!! Just a bit unique.

Posted on 7 years ago
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