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Default Gretsch late60s early 70s for Camco
Hi, bought this Gretsch kit a few years back and have been very Happy with it. Have used the kit in studio and live gigs, gotten lots of great feedback. When that is said i still miss my Camco kit and would like to trade my Gretsch kit, bought at Chicago musicexchange. its a early 70´s kit, same as the late 60`s "Rock'n Roll" kit that is in the Gretsch catalogue from 1968; same hardware, same shells. sizes: 14,15,18,22
So Gretsch for Camco or old DW
Attached Thumbnails
Martin Andreas / Oslo,Norway

Ludwig 1968: 12,14,20. Black oyster pearl
Gretsch 1970: 14"15"18"22" Green sparkel

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camco , gretsch

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