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Old 03-07-2008, 12:19 AM
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Default Re: My Kent-Leedy Kit - UPDATE!
These things sound amazing!!!! I had the opportunity to play them at a Christmas thing this past year, they sound great, and their condition is twice as nice as the photos.

Originally Posted by big daddy
Just won these on eBay last week and got them today. Specs are: 22" Kent Kick, 13" Kent mounted tom, 16" Leedy/Slingerland floor tom, 14" Kent Snare. I need legs & mounts for the FT and haven't even touched the drums yet (seen as delivered). The snare I've owned for about 2 years now and it was a serious restoration (done by me).

UPDATE: Got some floortom leg mounts, new heads and tuned them up. A buddy of mine gigged with them last night (I was on keys) and they sounded great. They're upstairs in my studio now and I hope to record them tomorrow - I'll post a link to sound files if anyone is interested.

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