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Old 03-08-2009, 01:54 AM
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

, bosozoku !!!!
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Old 03-15-2009, 11:23 AM
Snaffoo Snaffoo is offline
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

Here I am, I made it! Thanks for having me, I'll not waste any more of your time. Take me to your vintages drums!
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Old 03-27-2009, 08:32 PM
Johnnycrash Johnnycrash is offline
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

Hey all,
Yup, you guessed it, another newbie, this is a very cool forum, and I've been lurking for a few days now. I'm really diggin all the info here, and I'm hoping to get more info on repair and modification of drums and cymbals.
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Old 04-21-2009, 08:30 PM
Crackerman Crackerman is offline
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

Hello everyone,
I just joined yesterday. Looking forward to checking out all of the old stuff. I might have a few questions for you all as well as I hope I can help anyone out as well. I don't know where this site originates but I'm from Ontario, Helllo all.

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Old 05-07-2009, 01:24 PM
Lesizmor Lesizmor is offline
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

Hello everyone!
I am new to these boards and new (sorta) to the world of vintage drums.

My very first 'real' drum kit was a 1964 Gretsch maple 4 pc in champagne sparkle with a 14x18" kick rail w/ consolette tab mount, 8x12" rack tom, 14x14 floor tom and a matching snare drum. My parents bought this kit for my 9th b-day from a neighbor for $75 (I wish I had pictures!) I made 1 of the worst drum decisions in my 46 years when I sold them in 1983 for $150!!

That's not the only dum-dum mistake I made. In about a year after selling the Gretsch kit, my friend's parents ended up divorcing and left in the wake was a stack of black fiber cases. I eyeballed these cases stacked in the corner of the room on almost a daily basis.. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I asked about them. I was told that they belonged to the dad who had since moved on. They were just sitting there!?! No one to play them anymore.. My friend asked me If I was interested in buying them. I told him that sight unseen, I would have to try 'em out before I made a decision.

I took the cases home and began to unpack the drums. Huh.. Rogers..

Silver sparkle 4pc. with a dynasonic snare, hardware, and Zildjian cymbals..
Man, how would I ever explain the frumpy grandpa drum set to my bandmates? How would I ever make it through all the ribbing!? And $150 was just too much for grandad's silly old drums. I passed!!!!!

So you all can see that I'm not totally new to vintage kits

You live and you learn I guess. I now am playing Gretsch drums allbeit non-vintage and am looking to put together a Japanese vintage 1960s Majestic kit. I already have the 13" rack tom in tact. I am searching for the kick and floor and once I get them together and cleaned up I wanna use them for gigging..

Sorry about the long winded post..but that's what brought me to these boards.

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Old 05-25-2009, 11:27 PM
bigwilly52 bigwilly52 is offline
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

Still can't find the intro forum. I just dusted off my vintage Fibes that I purchased in 1972 and stopped playing in 1985 (switched to piano)and put them in cases. I can't find the spurs for the 24" bass drum and I noticed the 20" floor tom was cracked and has no legs. I would like to sell what I have if anyone is interested. 24" bass, 2 mounted toms, and snare, all clear.
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Old 06-03-2009, 09:29 PM
jfell jfell is offline
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

Well I guess I figured out that the Introduction section was missing, so I just want to say hello to everyone. I joined a few years back, but business is slamming at my store and I've just been overwhelmed with drumsdrumsdrums, but that what we all like, right? I'm looking forward to getting involved here and hope to send some people here as well. Nice to meet y'all.....
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Old 06-21-2009, 04:25 AM
momunist momunist is offline
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

another newbie. been lurking for a while, great forum you guys have. i've run a recording studio and pa rental company in minneapolis for a decade and a half or so. started renting out some of the kits i own as backline on gigs a few years ago. that's led me to start watching craigslist and ebay for deals and putting together kits piece by piece. i'll post some pics asap. but i just scored some sweet slingerland chrome overs and i'm in process of restoring a ludwig stainless kit and some 60's champagne...... i've already learned a ton from these pages. thanks for all your info guys!! hope i can contribute....
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Old 06-29-2009, 02:28 AM
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

This is one fun board. I don't think I have spent so much time ever browsing a forum before. Here it is 2:30 and I have been browsing for the past few hours.

A lot of good stuff and good people here so far, I am enjoying my stay and a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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Old 07-19-2009, 11:02 PM
drmrguy drmrguy is offline
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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

Hello all I'm a newbie to and I too could not find the 'introduction forum'. At any rate: this is a great site and just what I was looking for. Glad to meet everybody. Now for brag time (hey drummers are equipment junkies, aren't they?) I have a mid-60's Rogers drum set in steel grey ripple pearl finish. It consists of seven pieces: two 14 x 20" basses, two 8 x 12" toms, a 9 x 13" tom, a 16 x 16" floor tom, and a 5 x 14" COB Dynasonic snare drum. I have other snare drums including a 70's vintage Ludwig chrome Supersensitive snare drum (with very little dimpling of the chrome plating) and an 80's vintage Tama brass shell 6 1/2 x 14" snare drum, among others. Most of my cymbals are Zildjian A's and I have a K flat ride. I would like some help trying to determine the value of a Rogers 'Astoria' two-piece 'cocktail' set in blue onyx finish. It is complete with all the original pieces including the Rogers cocktail bass pedal and Rogers logo heads. It consists of a 16 x 16" 'Holiday' model floor tom/bass drum, and a 5 x 14" 'Holiday' model snare drum with the integral mount to mount it on the floor tom/bass drum. It is in excellent + condition. (not quite 'as new' as I did play it just enough to tune it) It is 'new old stock' that I found tucked away at a local music store that the owner bought direct from Rogers at their Cleveland office back in mid-60's. I am looking to sell it as I really do not have any use for it other than a collector's item.
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