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Default Is car wax safe for wrap finishes?

I usually use Novus #2/#1 or Plastix/Novus #1 on wrap cleaning and polishing. For gloss lacquer finishes, I use furniture polish and a good quality car wax. This weekend I helped a friend clean and polish up an old kit with WMP wrap, and to save time, I just used Turtle Wax instead of Novus/Plastix. The shells look great and are super smooth, but I notice on the side of the wax can that it says it's not intended for use on plastics.

Is there a chemical or something in the wax that will damage the plastic over time? I only put on a small amount, and buffed it off right away. It's not like the wrap will ever get polished with wax again. Is one time usage ok vs. repeated usage?

Thanks for the help!


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