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Old 08-16-2014, 11:33 AM
red66charger red66charger is offline
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Default Valuation Opinions Wanted - Rogers Wine Red Ripple

I’ll try to be as brief and to the point as I can, but this is hard to convey briefly in written form.

I’ve had a 22/13/16 Dayton Rogers Wine Red Ripple shell pack for sale for about a month. The biggest knock on that shell pack is that the wrap on all three shells has slightly…yet noticeably…different shades of WRR. Other than that, in my opinion, they are pretty nice. I’m not desperate but I’d like to sell them to free up some cash for another kit.

I do have another Rogers Wine Red Ripple shell pack that I may also make available, with the idea of keeping the shell pack that doesn’t sell. This combo is a Cleveland Holiday 20/12/14. The 12 and 14 are “born together” but the 20 is not original to the toms. I believe the toms are ‘64’s and the bass drum is a ’65 based on the tag numbers. Like my other shell pack, the bass drum is very, very nice. However, the 12 and 14 have a very unusual issue with the wrap. I have not been able to identify what caused this, but there are visible discolorations in several areas of the wrap. There are no cracks or scratches of any significance, but the color unevenness is very noticeable which obviously affects the value of these drums. The hardware is very nice and complete with a mix of correct and incorrect tension rods and washers.

I thought I’d ask you all to help me determine the value of these two shell packs. I’m looking for honest opinions. Obviously the 14” floor tom has some value. I don’t know where the value falls off due to the cosmetic issue, but the hardware is excellent including the hoops and legs. I’d be interested to know the approximate value of the 14” individually and the 20/12/14 as a package. I’m not averse to breaking any of these drums up as only the 12 and 14 are original to each other…the 22, 20, 13 and 16 are all individual acquisitions.

However, I’d like to avoid having a bunch of loners lying around. While I understand Rogers 14” floor tom’s carry value, I’m not too hung up on letting it go. I’m more bummed at the thought of losing the 20” which is why my initial approach was to sell the 22/13/16 combo.

Sorry this ended up longer than I had hoped. This is not a "sell off" situation but rather a "strategic play fund replenishment" situation. I appreciate any feedback on value and which combo you'd keep if it were your decision. Thanks!

20/12/14 Cleveland Gallery

22/13/16 Dayton Gallery
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Name:	22 13 16 WRR.jpg
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Looking for:
- L.A. Camco 12" Stradivarius Tom Tom
- Slingerland '30s or '40s WMP 16" Floor Tom
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Old 08-16-2014, 02:53 PM
kookadams kookadams is offline
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Default Re: Valuation Opinions Wanted - Rogers Wine Red Ripple

The red wine wrap is one of the prettiest ,gorgeous/
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Old 08-16-2014, 03:37 PM
Drummerjohn333 Drummerjohn333 is offline
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Default Re: Valuation Opinions Wanted - Rogers Wine Red Ripple

That would be a particular easy decision for me - as I have decided to go with 20s all the way. I am 5'6" and find that 22 inch BDs make for issues with the height of the toms - especially when considering resulting angle requirements. 22s just make the whole kit too big for me.
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Old 08-16-2014, 04:19 PM
mariosdrums mariosdrums is offline
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Default Re: Valuation Opinions Wanted - Rogers Wine Red Ripple

I'm far from being a Rogers expert but based on the sizes and the condition of the wrap re:fading, I'd say the 20,12,14 shell pack is with considerably more than the 22,13,16.

Probably like 900-1100 for the 22,13,16 and more like 1400-1700 for the 20,12,14.

I may be wrong about the actual valuations but the relative valuations I feel confident about. The bigger set is too faded and also importantly unevenly faded to attract the serious collector type. The jazz sized kit is more valuable because 20,12,14 always commands a premium. In Rogers, it's so common to see 20 12 16, so having that 14" and in a desirable finish is going to bring a lot more money.

They are both super cool kits and shouldn't be hard to move either of them.
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Old 08-16-2014, 10:33 PM
Wayne Brown Wayne Brown is offline
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Default Re: Valuation Opinions Wanted - Rogers Wine Red Ripple

+1 to mariosdrums comments here.That 14" ft could be worth $700.-$900. on it`s own depending on condition of course. They don`t go cheap and are much rarer than the 16`s.

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Old 08-16-2014, 10:48 PM
Dan Boucher Dan Boucher is online now
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Default Re: Valuation Opinions Wanted - Rogers Wine Red Ripple

Hey redcharger. I'll take them all fit nicely into the 66 Red Charger's trunk with room left over for a cooler.

The difference in wraps with many of the finishes Rogers used can be very frustrating, and it is difficult in a short period of time to locate folks who need one that matches what you have. As sets, they end up looking funky in daylight, but often look fine on the night gigs under lights, particularly whereas the audience sees every drum at a differing angle.

As to value, mariosdrums is pretty close, but I'm afraid I'd have to assume the low side of each. For comparison in the 14 floor, see Steve Maxwell's 14x14. Also, see the Drum Foxes offerings and note that he is looking for a 14x14 wine red ripple.

On the matter of the color differences within a drum, it was often an issue with the quanity of glue. As one Roger's expert is know to say, "that one was done by the new guy on Monday morning."
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