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Default BD tone control
entertaining the idea of installing an internal tone control (a la Gretsch Pratt) on my 20 and 22 inch Rogers BDs (Tower and Holiday respective). These are players that came to me with extra holes (that I have since repaired) so the "violation" is minor and in service of, well, greater control.

I currently have (2) 2" felt strips stretched internally across the batter heads of both. This is ok(ish) but for the fact that the effect is fixed and the silhouette kinda bugs me.

My questions are to the Rogers folks out there (but not necessarily limited to):
- thoughts on whether a standard Rogers internal tone control would suffice and if so, front and back or just batter?
- just use the single, larger Pratt furnished to Gretsch kicks?

Very much appreciate the feedback. Warm regards,
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Default Re: BD tone control

While I like the Gretsch Pratt muffler, I tend to keep muffling on my vintage bass drums period correct. Here's a picture of my 1966 Rogers Headliner with period-correct bass drum heads on the batter and reso-side. I use muffling strips front and rear, in the same location they came from the factory, and the sound is great!

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Default Re: BD tone control
In my experience a standard Rogers tone control used in toms and snares would prove to be inefficient in providing enough muffling on your bass drums. I've owned vintage Premier 50's and early 60's bass drums with front and back shell mount tone controls which are larger and have larger felt pads used with calf heads front and back and found those inefficient as well, at least for contemporary music. Slingerland years ago also mounted a large "two way" bass drum internal muffler mount employing two large pads which muted both front and back heads simultaneously with the turn of a wing screw on the side of the shell. Of course, sound and taste is subjective, and music styles of yesterday favored and accepted far different bass drum sounds than we are used to today.
As regards the Gretsch Pratt bass drum mufflers, I have used them and never liked the result; finding the tone too "flat" and "dry" to my liking. Even so, I've heard and seen many Gretsch players using them. Similar internal controls were installed on older Sonor and Trixon kits and I was never happy with the result. All internal mufflers of this type also affect the "feel" and response of the head. Hope my views are of some help in your decision.
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Default Re: BD tone control
Absolutely helpful! Thank you!
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Default Re: BD tone control
On my Rogers kits, I keep the standard felt strip on the reso head, and a rolled-up hand towel wedged between the batter head and the pedal. Very adjustable, I just push it around with my stick if it needs a little tweek. There's nothing like the openness of an Ohio Rogers bass; I try to use as little muffling as possible.

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Default Re: BD tone control
Thanks for the feedback! Your tubs are gorgeous! I played a kit reputed to have once belonged to Bill Reichenbach at Charlie Byrd’s place out on the Eastern Shore that looked exactly like that (sans hardware) few years ago. Best regards,
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Default Re: BD tone control
Thank you! Yeah, I’m definitely not tryna choke off the sound. Just got it into my head that it might give me just a slosh of versatility/control more easily. I guess there’s always “practice” and developing greater “technique” and control in my actual playing… dang it.

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