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Default Unknown ludwig snares
Hello guys,I'm a new member here,from Indonesia,I just purchased this ludwig snare,I can't really identified this snare,besides that this is old,brass,and heavy, had strange imperial lugs or so,also had 2 snare wires system which is normal super sensitive snare wires and below top skin snare wires,brass lugs,3mm triple flanged hoops,keystone badge,any information will be very appreciated,thank you
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Default Re: Unknown ludwig snares
Hello Novidrumz...and to the forum!

I had 2 of these drums that were very similar to what you have. However, mine were cheap MIJ or MIT reproductions. The snare mechanism was poorly designed a never did work! The lugs were exactly like those on your drum, showing a resemblance to the Imperial lug. However the hole spacing is far greater than the Imperial lug. My shell was poorly made and the drum was useless! All I have left are the lugs!

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Default Re: Unknown ludwig snares
Thank you Mark for your kind information,well I'm sorry to hear that,I thought my snare would be far more valuable than just a crappy MIJ/MIT snare,thank you so much

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