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Default Barry Collapsible Bass Drum

I happen to own a Barry collapsable bass drum produces in the 1920´s by the Barry Drum Company. It is in good condition. It is a highly sought collection bass drum. Can anyone share some light on the value of the bass drum? Thanks...

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Default Re: Barry Collapsible Bass Drum
I have a 28" Barry bass drum and paid $600 for it, including some traps that were in the case. One head was missing and the empty hoop was cracked at a joint. I was amazed to find a complete mounted head on eBay for $250 so bought it immediately. I have a wonderful local welding shop and was able to get the cracked hoop repaired. I sent it to a gentleman who was also missing a head so it all worked out fine. I believe in finding the right home for things. Good luck.

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