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Default Camco/Dunnett way comparisons?
Hello all! Just curious how the camco junkies feel about modern George way drums? Construction and spec wise, are they comparable to the camco’s of yore? I know there’s no substitute for the original, but what do you think?

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Default Re: Camco/Dunnett way comparisons?
I got to try out a Geo Way 14" x 6.5" Studio snare when they first launched. It was very well made and sounded really great. It was a natural finish and was painted white on the inside. Best I could tell, the shell and bearing edge were very true to the Camco shells except it had a diagonal seam. He was very secretive about the country of origin for them. He eventually admitted that they were made in Taiwan, although he said he assembled them. I have no other experience with any of the current Way drums, but they are probably well made.

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