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Old 01-08-2015, 02:14 PM
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Default **SOLD** Vintage Pearl 4 Piece Red Sparkle Project Drum Kit 1960s - $200 OBO!

Vintage Pearl MIJ drum kit in Red Sparkle. Sizes are 14" x 22", 16" x 16", 9" x 13" and 5" x 14" matching snare drum. These have wood shells with reinforcement rings. This kit is in rough shape. The hardware has a good mount of rust, there is some fading in the wrap (mostly on the kick drum), scratches/nicks, cracks in wrap, tape residue, etc. The bass drum shell has some weak points where the mounts must have stressed the shell a bit too much. The shell is still fully in tact but is slightly dented/cracked near spur mounts and cymbal mount. The interior also appears to have been painted black. Some of the claws are also heavily rusted and a few are broken but almost all functioning. Some of the T rods may be rusted into the lugs but would come undone with some cleaning/elbow grease. The rail consolette is also a but loose in the shell and may need some fixing/lubricating. One floor tom leg mount is loose on shell. I'm not sure if it just needs new mounting screws or if mount threading is stripped and needs to be fixed.

This kit is rough but I believe a deep cleaning would do wonders, especially for removing the rust spots on the hardware. Removing the rust would also allow more of the hardware and mounting screws to spin freely.

I have taken many photos of the drums to detail all condition issues as there are too many to list. Please go through all of the photos to see every part of this kit and contact me with any questions.

Asking $200 OBO + Shipping. Please contact me for specific shipping quotes.

This site won't let me post photos anymore ("security token was missing"?) so please go to the following link for an extensive album:


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