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Default Re: Do You Use Vintage Hardware for Gigs?
I still use several Ludwig cymbal stands that I bought about forty years ago when I converted from a rock and roll weenie to society music and jazz. I got them when Ludwig came out with the little legs that slid down to a stop so they are not the flat based 1401 stands. I go to jazz jams now with those cymbal stands and all lightweight modern Tama hardware except for a double braced Roc N Soc throne with a backrest. I tried to find a light weight throne but gave up. I was thrilled this year when they came out with the new cymbal snaps and proceeded to fit all of my cymbal stands with them.
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Default Re: Do You Use Vintage Hardware for Gigs?
For main set/ serious Gigs no. I use newish Gibraltar flat base cymbal and snare stand and a later 90s Tama HH45 Hi Hat w/Yamaha clutch.

On mini Hot rod 16/12/14 set for Quick Last minute or Minute spaces gigs..
I throw together a set of vintage hardware. Old Rocket snare stand Buck Rogers think called; 70s Premier flat base left 70s Atlas Ludwig right for cymbal stands. an Atlas 70s Ludwig Hihat stand. Things I've owned for years. So yes. Depending on the gig/kit.
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Default Re: Do You Use Vintage Hardware for Gigs?
I bought a few Ludwig flat-based stands to gig with, and did that for a few years. Then, Ludwig came out with their new line of flat-based “retro” stands, which were the same specs, same weight and all—I started using those and ditched the vintage ones, which were mostly good but starting to become unreliable in some ways.
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Default Re: Do You Use Vintage Hardware for Gigs?
At some point in time...70's mostly...everything started to become overbuilt. That was the trend. Kits started to get punished by heavy hitting, showy types...kinda part of the show that was evolving. Designers seemed to be complicating otherwise simple aspects -like throw offs. Throw offs used to be for disengaging the snare wires. After awhile, they became hood ornaments. The absolute best snare throw off was the P-83...in my opinion, of course, but the old "can opener" was stamped steel (not die cast), thin, sleek, quiet, unobtrusive and classy looking...and it disengaged the snares! Now I suppose they have throw offs that you have to link to a smart phone to throw off the snares! heh But, yeah, hardware just got stupid heavy after awhile, but that's what the drummers wanted/needed...That must have been when the job of being a roadie started! Funny how things have come full circle with that stuff. Now, everyone wants super lightweight, space saving designs as the nature of gigs and gigging change. How time flies when you're having fun.
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"Nietzsche is dead." -God
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Default Re: Do You Use Vintage Hardware for Gigs?
I use a mix of hardware. Flat based stands; modern snare stand. I use tama titan hi hat stand and throne, and though I really ought to upgrade, I’ve been using the same 90s premier bass drum pedal since 2013.
The tama titan gear from the 80s is practically indestructible.

But, I almost exclusively play in a trio or am doing musical theatre gigs. When I was playing rock and country I would typically bring double braced equipment.

I’m a pretty light player, so i have never had much a problem with any of my hardware. The weight difference is a significant factor. I can carry more per trip to the car when it’s single braced.
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Cool Re: Do You Use Vintage Hardware for Gigs?
Well, it`s good to see that most use their vintage hardware for gigging...I understand the light weight of the hardware is beneficial when loading in/out of a gig...

Kudos to you all for putting that vintage hardware to work!!

Anymore members use vintage hardware?

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Default Re: Do You Use Vintage Hardware for Gigs?
Most of the time I use a DW 5000 hi hat stand a DW 5000 AD2 bass drum pedal. roc n soc hydro throne, but use either slingerland buddy rich cymbal stand or Ludwig atlas cymbal stands.
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Default Re: Do You Use Vintage Hardware for Gigs?
I use a mix of vintage and new / according to the venue-gig... If I need something like a flat -based ride close to the bass- or if I need a big overhead upside-down Drover style crash.... it all depends. I Mix and Match- but who should care about how 'heavy' it is if it does the job?- If you can't move your gear- don't take the gig! To ME- take what you need- and if vintage does it- great- if modern stuff does it BETTER- then take that... It's a question of 'what fits'... Who cares if you have to lift 45 pounds or 250.... do the JOB. I am 66 and lift all my hardware....
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Default Re: Do You Use Vintage Hardware for Gigs?
I use the following Slingerland equipment: Magnum bass pedal (chain-driven Super Speed), tubular Dynamo HH stand, and tubular Rocket snare stand.

I use Yamaha 700 Series short booms for my cymbals. Since I mount my cymbals high, I find 1970s Slingerland booms to be too wobbly.
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