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Old 07-10-2014, 09:25 PM
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Default TWO Lauritsens AND a nice 602. A very nice set!

I know you're well aware of Craig Lauritsen' craftsmanship as a cymbalsmith. His cymbals are famous for their 'musicality.' In short, there is not better cymbal...for jazz (that one I know), and others.

Selling: 21" Kontroversial, made for me at my request to work with the Johan Tribute cymbal

20 "Johan Trtibute " cymbal, with rivets -- obviously dedicated to the late Johan. Craig showed deep, deep respect for Johan, by pouring countless hours re-lathing and re-hammering this, his ONE tribute cymbal. There is no other. This cymbal is unique in the true sense of the word.

To round it out, a Paiste 602 'blue logo' 18 crash. I had it re-lathed to take off some weight. And that worked out beautifully!

I've tried to upload pictures and soundfiles -- if you can't get to them let me know. Didn't that used to be pretty simple??

Kontroversial, $325; Johan Tribute $300, and Paiste 602 $185. I'll need a little help on shipping...say 10 bucks??
If you're in a position to buy all three, please let me know and we'll cook up a good deal...I'd LIKE to see them together!

More info?? Let me know!
Thank you for reading this ad...
Bill Fulton
269.716.7476 (cell/text)

PICS: PLEASE click on thumbnail:

Johan Tribute: th_IMG_5282_zps576ce409.jpg




All three: (I can tell you--the recordings simply DO NOT capture the tones and sounds. One Zoom H-1 in the hands of an ignorant amateur!)



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