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Old 04-04-2022, 08:22 AM
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Default Re: Rip talker hawkins

... and anyone/everyone else so inclined to read: I'll state this again, and it has been multiple times already ... the VDF is still here simply because David wants it to be! Yes, these types of forums are "almost a thing of the past, with the past being not that long ago! O-Lugs stated it pretty well .. "stop by whenever you feel like it ... we'll be here for ya! Indeed. Dead? Slow? Dreary? A morgue? Whatever! The plug is not going to be pulled on the VDF ... yet. It still serves a purpose for those that want to contribute .. ask a question .. answer a question .. etc. As to those "taking their leave" ...

... really no reason to do that, but hey, if that's what one needs/wants to do, well ... that's your prerogative! Make no mistake however, we never like to see anyone leave. Well, that's not entirely true either. There have been some! .. 🙄 .. but not the two we are referring to here. That all said ...

... we shall continue, as it is indeed a nice spot to stop by, and even post if you're a mind to. Carry on! Or as I like to say, Carrion!

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