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Default Stainless 9 pc. 1991 Pearl Export for sale
Hello all, I am reluctantly putting my kit up for sale. I special ordered these from Tommy's Drum Shop in Austin, TX back in 1991. They have the genuine stainless steel wrap that was only available in the Export series in the early '90's, are in excellent condition, and sound totally wicked. Included are Sabian cymbals purchased in the same timeframe. I am asking $3200 for everything as shown/listed. Located in Georgetown, TX.

22” bass drums (2)
14” metal snare
10”, 12”, 13”, and 14” ride toms
16” and 18” floor toms
DW5000 pedals (2)
Pearl high hat
Pearl boom stands (3)
Pearl standard floor stand (1)
Tama long/heavy boom stand (1)
Gibraltar throne with backrest

Cymbals (all vintage Sabian):
14” AA Fusion hats
20” HH Rock ride
20” AA Chinese
20” AAX Metal crash
20” AA Medium crash
(note, the center crash shown in the photos is a 17” AA medium-thin that has been cracked/drilled; it still sounds great but is being included at no charge with the kit)
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