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Default 13" Tom restoration trouble
I have been restoring drums for quite few years and the problem I'm going to explain is a first for me.
I have generally repaired wood damage and re-wraped drums and in some cases removed the wrap and refinished it to a natural woof finish.
In my present project I'm gathering orphans to re-wrap with a very similar Ludwig Orange MOD wrap that I got from China.
I found a 13" 1968 Ludwig tom which was, according to the seller, originally black lacquer but that He refinished to a mahogany color.

I purchased it because it was a good deal. After the repair and the new wrap was installed I was surprised to see that the Aquarian Head did not fit; it was too tight and was due to the thickness of the wrap. I changed to a Remo head and that seems to barely make it. To the re-builder out there; have you dealt with this issue before ? How did you solve it ? Did Ludwig made different shell thickness according to the finish ?

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